My current company has been on the market for over a year, but my knowledge of the urban transport industry in Poland goes back over 8 years, I gained it in the previous two companies which I worked in. Currently, projects are related to what I’ve done before. I can not explain everything by email because it is quite complicated. As for the projects I participate in, I can only write that they are related to large agglomerations in Poland, however for understandable reasons I can not precise which cities I am talking about. At the moment, we are looking for a partner with whom we could provide the appropriate technological and hardware solutions for these projects. I can provide all information about project implementations after signing the NDA document, for now I can not provide such information.
As for the “binding answer”, I would be grateful for a declaration whether you are interested in cooperation. Of course I can provide details after signing the NDA. I also suggest a meeting, where I could give you more details. The deadline is really tight because now the budgets for the next year are being set and technological dialogues will begin, where I would like to lobby for specific solutions, and without a specific declaration we have our hands tied.
I would appreciate a swift reply.