eCommerce & IT Solution to restaurants We bring

What does it cost?

It’s one time investment & you are 100% owner of your eCommerce platform:

  • N0 monthly fee
  • No percentage of sales
  • No hidden costs

We bring you more profit & no cost

You no need to pay any commission on sale such as to intermediate such as, Pizza portal, Uber, Daily etc.
Bring you more profit to display you products the way want them to show. Intermediate’s don’t give you such possibilities.

Individual, stunning, minimalist & clean graphic design showcases your food

We give your customer a stunning, clean, incredible ease-to-use website with pictures of your food to enhance your customers’ website ordering experience and increase online sales.

Mobile eCommerce

Can you imagine a day without your mobile ???  that why we call it „Must Have functionality  Mobile eCommerce!  most consumers use their smartphones to browse the internet and yes…buy products and services. mobile phones are extremely popular with today’s younger generation. mobile-friendly site will definatly  boost your sales .


Online Order Information always at your finger tips

Check orders and get reports on web activity right on your device(phone/tablet/ipad/pc).
More than  one  orders at same time, not like taking an order on phone a order at one time. what consume min 2-5 minutes of your precious time in rush hours.

Why you need it:

Online order safe your precious time over take order on phone. it safe time of customer Once customer will registered on your website never need to write his details again

Online Table booking:

You will never loose a customer, same as online order system, online booking system allow as many as customers to make booking at same time, without engaging on phone call, sometimes you are busy on phone customer can’t reach to you, are chances you can lose this customer .It safes you lot of time, as you no need to spend time on phone, it will work for you 24×7. when customer will make  booking online you will get notification

Secure Online payment:

We provide you complete secure online payment method. We are aware every day more people using card or online payment, keep comfort & security of you & your customer  online card/transfer payment method

Delivery Zone function/ Cost per kms 

  • You can choose delivery distance you want to deliver order too/ c
  • we give you possibility to choose as per postal code or actual km or radius kms or mile
  • You can choose free delivery cost zone
  • You can add delivery cost as per every km add
  • Customer out of delivery zone can order on option pick up
  • customer can check delivery cost before proceeding to order

Menu management from any web enabled device

Control all the functions of your website through easy-to-use management wizards. Change prices, manage categories, set delivery and take-out parameters right on your web enabled device.

Create Rewards Programs and Email Campaigns

Design a rewards program to keep customers coming back. It’s all automatic with Geomerx. Create and email coupons to customers to announce new products and promote high margin products.

Keep customers up-to-date on menu changes

Automatically let your customers know about daily specials through email blasts sent to them overnight. Great for introducing new products, promotions and seasonal menu changes.


out teams
Robert Piłka
Amarjit Singh
Senior IT Manager
Robert Pietras
Director of Development
web designer

Activities primarily focus on designing graphic content and user interfaces to support eCommerce websites based within a responsive content management system. This covers all areas of digital and interactive design ranging from low fidelity wireframes to generating final production content and everything in between.

You Must…

  • Be a designer of everything digital (websites, email marketing, social media, etc.)
  • Understand the interplay of design and development and have an appreciation for user experience.
  • Be at home designing layouts, comps and wireframes.
  • Have a working knowledge of responsive design principles.
  • Experience hand coding with HTML, CSS and Javascript

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  • Show proficiency in designing mobile and/or responsive websites.
  • Proficient in eCommerce CMS (Prestashop, WooCommerce WordPress).
  • Understand App, widget and plugin deployment and Q/A
  • Familiarity with customizing social media channels.
  • Understand how SEO/SEM fit into your designs.
  • Professional certifications and/or educational degrees.
  • Customizes and codes screen layouts, graphical user interfaces, printed outputs, and interfaces with other systems.
  • Converts designs and specifications into computer code.
  • Consults with clients to gather information about program needs, objectives, functions, features, and input and output requirements.
  • Analyzes, defines, and documents requirements for data, workflow, logical processes, hardware and operating system environment, interfaces with other systems, internal and external checks and controls, and outputs.
  • Writes documentation that describes installation and operating procedures.
  • Reviews documentation written by others that describes installation and operating procedures.
  • Provides technical assistance by responding to inquiries from others regarding errors, problems, or questions about programs.
  • Monitors performance of programs after implementation
  • Assists in researching performance issues with SQL queries and database functions
  • Writes custom SQL functions

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